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Harvey Guzzini Galdino Table Lamp

Materials: Black painted cast iron base, painted with texture paint. Black plastic cover and top (acrylic/methacrylate). Dark orange/red painted aluminium lampshade, also painted with texture paint. Chromed iron rod and 2 chromed screws. Plastic joint. Some plastic and metal parts. Bakelite socket. The lampshade is adjustable on the rod. The red lampshade can be turned in any direction.

Height: 72 cm / 28.34”

Lampshade:  32,5 x 10  cm / 12.79 x 3.93”

Base: 13 x 14 cm / 5.11 x 5.51”

Electricity: 1 bulb E27, 1 x 100 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, not a specific one preferred.

Period: 1970s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: Carlo Urbinati.

Manufacturer: Harvey Guzzini, Recanati, Italy, today named iGuzzini

Other versions: Made as a several different wall lamps, table lamp, clamp lamp, floor lamp. This lamp is slightly different than the final design. The wire for the lampshade starts in the back of the base instead of on top of the chromed rod. It also has no switch and the inside of the lampshade is also red.

Project Year: 1972. Produced from 1973 until 1976.

Commercial code: 8005.

Carlo Urbinati

Designer Carlo Urbinati was born and raised in Sacrofano near Rome in Italy. He has worked in a range of areas from the lighting to the auto industries. Mixing organic forms with new technologies, Urbinati gives each of his designs a very personal touch. He is best known for his bathroom furniture and jacuzzis.

Carlo Urbinati designed 2 other lamps. The Scopelite for Zumtobel together with Fabio Lenci in 1982 and a flush mount for Dizeta in the same year.

Companies he designed for are, to name the most important: Tulli E Zuccari, Elisse, Sleeping System, Teuco, Incom. Rustici, EOS, Bernini, Giessegi, Vitreouslite. Dizeta, Zumtobel, Carrara E Mata, Dress, Mobil Class. Giessegi, Bagno In, Jacuzzi. Saniplast, Fir, Hydra, Calibur. Bertoci, Crassevic, Colavene. Hidra, Ponsi, Art Ceram, Artelinea, Ponte Giulio, Vitruvit, Roca. White Stone, Cool Bath, iGuzzini and Ponsi.

His company is named Urbinati Design and it is located in Sacrofano.

Another Carlo Urbinati exists. He is one of the owners of Foscarini lighting and is also a designer. Together with Alessandro Vecchiato he designed the Folio lamp.


iGuzzini illuminazione was established in 1959 by Raimondo Guzzini under the name Harvey Creazioni. Harvey is derived from the famous movie ‘Harvey’ with James Stuart and the invisible rabbit Harvey from 1950.
The initial production of enameled copper objects was supplemented by decorative luminaires.
In the early sixties it became a family business when his 5 brothers joined the company. In 1962 Luigi Massoni was attracted to lead the design team. He worked for Fratelli Guzzini and Harvey Guzzini until 1976. Luigi Massoni designed many iconic lamps in that period.
The company still exists and changed the name in 1974 into iGuzzini and in 1981 to iGuzzini illuminazione.

Harvey Guzzini Galdino Table Lamp

Harvey Guzzini Galdino Table Lamp

Harvey Guzzini Galdino Table Lamp

Harvey Guzzini Galdino Table Lamp

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