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  • Carl Fagerlund Acanthus Orrefors chandelier 8 bubble glass leaves folded brass rods 1960s 1970s Sweden
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  • Philips Torino pendant lamp conical dark blue clear blown glass opal ribbed cylinder brass rod 1960s
  • Nordisk Solar pendant lamp 376 brushed aluminium & pruple discs lampshade 1960s 1970s Kastholm Denmark E27 socket
  • Artemide studioA Lighting Catalogue 1976 – Lamps designed by Mario Bellini, Vico Magistretti, Luciano Annichini, Gae Aulenti, Gruppo Architetti Urbanisti Citta Nuova, Ernesto Gismondi, Richard Sapper, tudio Tetrarch, Adelaide Bonati, Silvio Bonatti, Enrico de Munari, Carla Federspiel, Angelo Mangiarotti, Claudio Dini, Orni Halloween, Sergio Mazza, Walter Eichenberger, Stacy Dukes, Emma Gismondi Schweinberger

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Complete List Of Catalogues

Vintage lighting catalogues

Published Catalogues


1973 Artemide Catalogue

1976 Artemide Catalogue

1976 Artemide Catalogue Studio A

1992 Artemide Catalogue

ASEA 1950s Lighting Catalogue

Ateljé Lyktan 1934 – 2000 Lighting Catalogue 


Barovier & Toso Trappola Brochure – 1976


1960s Candle Lighting Catalogue

1970s Candle Novita Lighting Catalogue

1970s Candle Fluorescence Lighting Catalogue

Cosack Leuchten Leaflet 125, 1960s


Finland House Lighting Catalogue

Flos Catalogue – 1980

Fontana Arte – Candle 1957 – 2000


Glashütte Limburg 1970s Catalogue

Greco Illuminizione 1965 Catalogue


1959 Hala Catalogue

1967 Hala Catalogue

Hans Agne Jakobsson Corner Brochures


1937 Idman Lighting Catalogue 123

1940s Idman Lighting Catalogue 131

1953 Idman Lighting Catalogue 135

1954 Idman Lighting Catalogue 136

1955 Idman Lighting Catalogue 138 part 1

1955 Idman Lighting Catalogue 138 part 2

1950s Idman Lighting Catalogue 140

1958 Idman Lighting Catalogue 142

1961 Idman Lighting Catalogue 143

1961 Idman Lighting Catalogue 144

1964 Idman Lighting Catalogue 145

Ingo Maurer Design M 1980 – 1981 Catalogue

Imperial Lighting – Emerson Electric – 1965 Catalogue

1956 Itsu Oy Lighting Catalogue

1957 Itsu Oy Lighting Catalogue

1958 Itsu Oy Lighting Catalogue

1961 Itsu Oy Lighting Catalogue

1963 Itsu Oy Lighting Catalogue

1965 Itsu Oy Lighting Catalogue

iValo 1970s Lighting Catalogue


Kaiser Idell 1936 – 1937 Catalogue

1972 Kalmar Franken KG Catalogue

1974 Kalmar Franken KG Catalogue


Lampukas Oy 1982 Lighting Catalogue

Lightcraft Of California 1960s Catalogue

Lilux 1965 Lighting Catalogue

Lival – Oy Lival Ab 1960s Lighting Catalogue

Louis Poulsen & Co 1930s Catalogue

LUXUS – 1964 – 1965 Catalogue


1930s Orno (Stockmann Orno) Lighting Catalogue 

1939 Orno Lighting Catalogue 10 

1939 Orno Lighting Catalogue 15 


1973 Quattrifolio Design Catalogue

1987 Quattrifolio Design Catalogue


1958 Raak Additional Catalogue 4

1962 Raak Catalogue 5

1968 Raak Catalogue 8

1972 Raak Catalogue 9

1978 Raak Catalogue 11


SLO Oy Lighting Catalogue 1967

Stilnovo Brochure 28 – April 1972

1951 Stockmann Orno Lighting Catalogue

1957 Stockmann Orno Lighting Catalogue

1964 Stockmann Orno Lighting Catalogue

1966 Stockmann Orno Lighting Catalogue

1966 – 1969 Stockmann Orno Lighting Catalogue


1930s Taito Lighting Catalogue 

1932 Taito Lighting Catalogue 

1935 Taito Lighting Catalogue 10

1936 Taito Lighting Catalogue 14

1940 Taito Lighting Catalogue 20

Thorn Lighting catalogue January 1977NEW


1954 Valinte Oy Lighting Catalogue

1958 Valinte Oy Lighting Catalogue

1972 Valinte Oy Lighting Catalogue

Virden – Elegance In Lighting 1968 Catalogue

Vintage lighting catalogues

Coming Soon

Raak Catalogue 12 – 1982

Stilnovo Catalogue 42 – 1977

Skipper Brochure 1976

Ingo Maurer 1993/1994 Catalogue

Fontana Arte 1990 Catalogue

Fontana Arte 1989 Catalogue

Greco Illuminizione 1967 Catalogue

Josef Brümberg 1974, 1976 Catalogue


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