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Lamps on this website are not for sale. These lamps are for educational purposes only. They are all in private collections or in most cases, have already been sold by dealers.

Vintage Info appreciates questions, comments, and any other feedback that will help us to serve you better. If there is something that is not on this website that you feel we should provide; if you have suggestions on how to improve anything about this site; or if you found something wrong with the information on this website, such as outdated or incorrect information, missing documents, or information located in the wrong place, please report these via the contact form that you can find on any page. All help would be appreciated.

Got a beautiful lamp that should be here? Please don’t hesitate: contact us. It will be shining here forever and ever!

Are you a vintage dealer or/and do you have a website? In return for your pictures, you will receive a permanent link in return to your website/web shop per lamp.

Many thanks to all the people who contributed to this website:

Gert, Yoeri, Thomas, Lizy, Eric, Koen, Ilse, Andrea, Marc, Alex, Pascal, Rene, Mark, Louis, Peter, Sara, Kathleen, Geert, Fabio, Jan, David, Frédéric, Paul, Christophe, Jurgen, Natascha, Kris, Sander, Evelyne, Marjan, Joop, Hans, WojtekBen, Ken, Tino, Rik, Don, Edwin, Ger, Marco, Hans, Paolo, Éric, Kurt, Pascale, Frank, Douglas, Richard, Ben, you…


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