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Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue – original language: Italian

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue 114 – 1965 – page 1

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue 114 - 1965

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue 114 – 1965 – page 2

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue 114 - 1965 - page 2

Greco Illuminazione

catalogue 114 – serie 1965


clinical hospitals
nursing homes


Father Gemelli Polyclinic – Rome Annunziatella Hospital – Rome S. Vincenzo Surgical Clinic – Rome
Hospitals of the Reverend Fatebenefratti Fathers – Italy – Africa
Ausilium Clinic – Affori Ospedale Civile – Vercelli University Clinics – Padua
Pio the Santa Corona Institute – Pietraligure Civil Hospital – Bollate (Milan) Civil Hospital – Vimercate (Milan) Fatebenefratelli Hospital – Milan Nursing Home S. Damiano – Politano Clinical Faenza – Reggio Calabria Ospedali Riuniti – Perugia
Sanatorium Hospital – Grosseto Civil Hospital – Camposampiero Civil Hospital – Bassano del Grappa Nursing Home Nomentana – Rome INAM Surgeries
INAIL outpatients
S. Giovanni Hospital – Rome
Civil Hospital – Acquapendente (Viterbo) Civil Hospital – Civitavecchia

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Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue 114 – 1965 – page 3

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue - Page 3

We present in this catalog a series of rational lighting devices for clinical beds made after careful studies done together with distinguished doctors who, with their experience and knowledge of environmental needs, have allowed us to build truly functional devices, suitable for the particular lighting that the environment requires. In addition to these special devices illustrated on the first pages, we also thought it appropriate to include other types for
the lighting of offices, corridors, stairways, semi-ratios, etc. However the ns. production and very large species for how much
it concerns the external lighting of avenues, flowerbeds, lawns and therefore we are able, as requested by you, to submit to you our best offer for every lighting fixture of your interest.
II ns. technical office in addition, and at your complete disposal
to carry out any lighting or lighting project without any obligation or expense.
Factory Luminaire appliances S.p.A.

The list prices of this catalog are on page 28 and the same discounts apply.


MILANO – VIA BISCEGLIE, 104 – TEL. 42.25.491 – 42.25.492
42.27 .802 – 42.25.442
42.25.582 – 42.25.682

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue 114 – 1965 – page 4

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue - Page 4

Practical and rational arm lamp, for a clinical bed, which satisfies the many needs of the doctor and the patient.
It consists of a conical fused silumin base, a sturdy aluminum sheet reflector and a friction joint with a locking nut that holds it securely and efficiently, with a 180 ° movement on the vertical plane. rotation on itself.
It is equipped with a white glass diffuser cup held to the body by a circular steel spring.
In the reflector, a 60-watt normal-mount lamp and a 1540-watt solar mignon must be mounted. The first one is used for the general lighting of the patient during the doctor’s visit, the second because the ignitions are independent, for reading or, by turning the reflector upwards, for the night light.
Arms and reflector painted in light ivory oven, joint and handle in polished chromed brass.
Complete with lampholders and conductor.
N.B. – On request the device can be supplied with high speaker-microphone.

It differs from the type above the glazed only in terms of the arm and the plate connection, on which there is a friction joint for the horizontally displacement of 160 °.
Plate, arm, reflector oven light ivory, joints and handle in eight ne chromed.
Complete with lamp holder and with holder.

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue 114 – 1965 – page 5

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue - Page 5

(Picture on the right)

IESOLO  –  5781  –  1  X  20 + 1  X 14 FL

5797  –  1 X  40 + 1  X  20 FL

The luminaire is mounted above the bed and consists of an invisible frame in acc1a10 painted in white in the oven and an acrylic screen made opaque internally in the non-luminous parts. The lighting of the lower lamp allows lighting for the visit to the patient and for reading, the upper one for indirect lighting of the environment. The reactors can find accommodation inside the appliance.

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue 114 – 1965 – page 6

Greco Illuminazione 1965 Catalogue - Page 6


Reflector of accurate and robust execution with double friction joint that allows the rotation on the vertical plane of 320 “and on the horizontal plane of 160 °.
It lends itself to be mounted above the bed for lighting de! inoperative and turned upwards for indirect lighting of the room. This arm, however, has considerable possibilities of use, and can be used in any environment where you want a localized light and a really functional and articulated arm.
Base, arm and reflector painted in the oven, light ivory color, complete with E27 lamp holders suitable for 60W light or solar lamp.