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Arteluce Jill Floor Lamp

Materials: Round blue glass base with a built-in intensity control foot switch (dimmer). Long blue powder-coated metal rod & parts. Chalice style acid-etched sandblasted pressed dark blue glass lampshade. Hammered aluminium reflector. Porcelain socket.

Height: 193 cm / 75.98”

Width: 38 cm / 14.96”

Base: ∅ 28 cm / 11.02”

Electricity: 1 halogen bulb R7s, 1 x 300 watt maximum, 110/220 volt. Any type of halogen bulb can be used. Not a specific one preferred.

Period: 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s.

Designer: Perry A. King, Santiago Miranda & Gianluigi Arnaldi in 1978.

Manufacturer: Arteluce, Milan, Italy.

Other versions: The Arteluce Jill floor lamp exists in several colours. It was also made in white, green, yellow & frosted glass. For the rod silver, white, black and grey, painted or powder-coated paint was used. A special “rainbow” version was also made. Probably several other designs over the years. This one is model A380, named Jill Terra. A wall lamp was also made. You can find it over here.

Often other years are named for the design year, but it is 1978 according to the FlOS catalogues. However, I found it in another catalogue as a lamp designed in 1979. It was at least sold until 2008.

Perry King

Perry King is an English designer born in 1938 in the United Kingdom. King studied industrial design and moved to Italy in 1964 as a consultant to Olivetti. He takes part in the creation of the Valentine typewriter and the Sistema 45 with Ettore Sottsass. He was design coordinator for Corporate Image, his work included dot matrix fonts as well as books and posters, all designed with Santiago Miranda with whom he founded King Miranda Associati in 1976.

Santiago Miranda

Santiago Miranda was born in Écija near Seville in Spain in 1947. Miranda left to Italy in 1971 and he designed and wrote “Air Mail Transatlantic Pictures”, stories and images for an interactive park for lonely people, as well as working as a consultant to Olivetti. He was member of the Scientific Committee of the Istituto Europeo di Design (European Institute of Design – art academy) in Madrid and of the Scientific Committee of the University Pablo de Olavide in Seville, both in Spain. He is active in teaching and research.

Gianluigi Arnaldi

Gianluigi Arnaldi was the owner of the Agenzia Design Studio. Together with Santiago Miranda & Perry King several lamps were designed for Arteluce.


Arteluce was a company that specialised in lighting and interior design and was founded by aeronautical engineer and modern lighting pioneer Gino Sarfatti in Milan, Italy in 1936. During World War II, Sarfatti fled to Switzerland. After the war he returned to Milan to restart his company. He designed hundreds of lamps. Designers that worked for the company are among others: Franco Albini, Cini Boeri, Franca Helg, Carlo Mollino, Ico Parisi, and Massimo Vignelli.

In 1974 the company became a division of FLOS. Sarfatti sold his business and retired. More info about the FLOS company can be found over here on Vintageinfo.