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Roger Tallon ERCO Halogen Spots
pin-spot track lighting system

Materials: Metal, plastic and aluminium, painted black. White metal base.

Total height: 27 cm / 10.62”

Height: 17 cm / 6.69”

Width: ∅ 7 cm / 2.75”

Electricity: A 1 QR48 Halogen, 20 watt – 12 volt can be used. Preferably a Halospot 48, made by Osram. Other 12 volt halogen lamps can be used. Works with a transformer build inside: 220 volt to 12 volt. Does not work on 110 volt. 

Period: 1970s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: Roger Tallon (1929-2011) – father of the industrial design.

Manufacturer: ERCO GmbH, Lüdenscheid, Germany.

Other versions: Lamps on rail, floor lamps, table lamps, different models. Also made in white. These lamps are intended for rail. The white base can be used for any ERCO spotlight for rail.

Roger Tallon

Designed in 1977 by the famous French industrial designer Roger Tallon, Born in Paris, 9 March 1929, died in Paris, 20 October 2011.  He created a large amount of beautiful things, the most original watches for LIP, staircases, furniture and off course the TGV, “Train à Grande Vitesse”, the high-speed train for Europe.

Roger Tallon worked for many companies, among others: Caterpillar France, DuPont, Technés, General Electric, LIP, Air France, Bata, Peugeot, Fenwick, Kodak, Salomon Group, Fluocaril, Elf, Terraillon, ERCO and so on.


ERCO was founded in 1934 by Arnold Reininger (1907-2003), Karl Reeber and Paul Buschhaus in Lüdenscheid, Germany. The company name ERCO represents a phonetic abbreviation of the founding name “Reininghaus & Co.“.

The company is still in family ownership. During the early years, ERCO produced parts for lamps. In particular a spring-supported retracting mechanism for hanging lights.

In the 1930s the industrial production of complete luminaires was started. After the Second World War Arnold Reininger and Karl Reeber continued the company, co-founder Paul Buschhaus had died in the war.

Famous designers that worked for the ERCO company are Alois Ferdinand GangkofnerRoger TallonEttore SottsassEmilio AmbaszShiro KuramataGiancarlo PirettiDieter Witte Yves Béhar, Knud HolscherFranco ClivioNaoto Fukasawa and many others.

The company was awarded many times thanks to these great artists and the vision of the ERCO company. ERCO received 88 iF Design Awards

Erco Spots on Vintageinfo

Roger Tallon ERCO Halogen Spots - iF Design award 1977 Erco 33 720, 33 723

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Roger Tallon Erco Spots ''Micro'' Floor piece

Roger Tallon Erco Halogen Spots - Metal floor piece felt