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Nordisk Solar Glass Globe Pendant Lamp

Materials: Amber (yellow-brown) glass globe. clear crystal embossed glass diffuser inside. Brass parts, Bakelite socket.

Cord Length: 60 cm /23.62”

Height: 18 cm / 7.08”

Width: ∅ 22 cm / 8.66”

Electricity: 1 x E27 bulb, 1 x 60 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, not a specific one preferred.

Period: 1960s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: Nordisk Solar Compagni, Denmark.

Other versions: This Nordisk Solar glass globe pendant lamp exists in several variations. A few models were made, as you can see below. This lamp is model P 1102.

Nordisk Solar Compagni

The Nordisk Solar Compagni was founded in 1919 by Jacob L. Jørgensen. It was a trade, import and wholesale company which sold electricity meters and electric components. In 1924 production of electric meters was moved to the Dansk Målerværksted; the Danish Painting Workshop subsidiary. At the same time Nordisk Solar Compagni started the production of radios.

After producing radios for nearly 40 years, this production ceased in 1958. Around the same time (1959) the production of lighting started in a new factory. From 1977 on the lamps were produced in the subsidiary A/S Solar-Armaturproduktion (luminaire manufacturing) in Vejen.

In 1990 A/S Solar-Armaturproduktion merged with Swedish Hans-Agne Jacobsson AB, and in 1992 it was renamed Hans-Agne Jacobsson A/S, with its subsidiaries Hans-Agne Jacobsson AB in Sweden and Hans-Agne Jacobsson GmbH in Germany. All as part of the Nordic Solar Compagni Group. Production was gradually focused on industrial lighting and outdoor lighting.


Designers who worked for Nordisk Solar were among others Hvidt (Hvidt & Mølgaard), Niels and Eva Koppel, Jørn Utzon, Jørgen Kastholm & Preben Fabricius. Vagn Dyring, Gert Edstrand, Niels Esmann & Hans C. Jensen and Svend Middelboe.

Today the original company is named Solar and has entered the offshore area and heavy industrial components as well as telecommunication and network equipment. Plumbing, heating and ventilation components were also added to the product range.

Solar is again engaged in professional outdoor lighting, hospital lighting, etc. Through the Solar Light (distribution) area and the distribution of products from Siteco, a Osram owned company, which is part of Siemens AG.

Nordisk Solar amber glass globe pendant lamp round clear diffuser 1960s model P 1102 MCM catalogue picture