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Hustadt-Leuchten Chrome Table Lamps

Materials: Chromed metal (iron). Plasticized lampshades with 3 aluminum rings. Bakelite sockets.

Total height: 65 cm / 25.59”

Width: ∅ 38 cm / 14.96”

Base: ∅ 11 cm / 4.33”

Electricity: 1 x E27 bulb, 1 x 75 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, not a specific one preferred.

Period: 1970s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: Walter Hustadt GmbH & Co. KG Leuchten, Am Schindellehm 7-9, 59755 Arnsberg, Germany. 

Other versions: Made in different sizes and also with different lampshades.

Some sources say that these lights were designed by Philippe Barbier and commissioned by Hustadt-Leuchten. Other sources say that it is nonsense and that is in all probability the truth. 


Hustadt-Leuchten was founded in September 1962 as Walter Hustadt GmbH & Co. KG Leuchten. Not much is know about it. The company officially ended business in may 2014. It went bankrupt some 5 years before.

Hustadt-Leuchten always produced high quality lights. You can find a few lamps on this website. The company received several design awards. One of the most well known designers for Hustadt-Leuchten was Klaus Hempel, who also designed lamps for the famous Gebr. Kaiser & Co. Leuchten, company, also from Germany.

Hustadt is also a small German town that was build in the late 1960s as a model neighborhood according to the general urban standards, to fulfill the requirements for approximately 6000 inhabitants. Hustadt is build on the edge of the city of Bochum. It’s surrounded by woods and fields on the one side, and offshoots of the enormous campus of the Ruhr University, as well as other housing areas on the other side.

Philippe Barbier

Philippe Barbier was a well-known French designer. He was the first to distribute the famous stool “Tam-Tam” designed by Henry Massonnet (1922-2005), which he helped to develop. The chair is still in production.

His designs were very popular, you can find many table lamps that has similar looks. On this website you can find some examples of lights he designed and produced.

Maison Barbier was a small factory in the Rue du Pré aux Clercs, near the Boulevard Saint-Germain in the centre of Paris. The company has disappeared for a long time.

Philippe Barbier lamp made by Maison Barbier

Philippe Barbier Table Lamp

Another lamp from Hustadt-Leuchten

Hustadt-Leuchten Chrome Table Lamps

A couple Barbier table lamps used as a prop in the 1983 James Bond movie “Never Say Never Again” with Sean Connery.

Hustadt-Leuchten Table Lamps - Never Say Never Again 1983