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Lumina Zelig Desk Lamp

Materials: Round conical base made of nickel-plated aluminium. 2 nickel-plated pivoting aluminium rods. Some metal and plastic parts. Triangular lampshade. Aluminium reflector. Porcelain halogen socket.

Height: 57 cm / 15.74” – adjustable

Width: 55 cm / 8.26” – adjustable

Base: 19 cm / 6.10 x 4.33”

Electricity: 1x 12V Halogen-Pin GY6/50W, 110/220 volt.

Period: 1990s.

Designer: Walter Monici in 1990.

Manufacturer: Lumina Italia srl, via Casorezzo, 63, 20010 Arluno (Milan), Italy.

Other versions: The Lumina Zelig desk lamp  exists also as a floor lamp (Zelig Terra) and was produced in white aluminium and nickel-plated aluminium. This desk lamp is named Zelig Tavolo (table lamp).

Walter Monici

Walter Monici is an Italian designer and architect from Milan. He designed several lamps for Lumina. Amongst others the Opus Terra floor lamp. The Opus wall lamp, the Tangram table, wall and floor lamp and the Perla ceiling lamp.


The Lumina light company was founded in 1975 by Tommaso Cimini (1947-1997) when he designed his famous Daphine table lamp. He designed this lamp made of a transformer and presented it on the Milan Fair in 1974. It was an instant success. Lumina itself started to produced several different lamps as a real lighting firm in 1980. Tommaso Cimini died in an airplane accident in 1997, leaving his company to his business partner and his oldest son Ettore.

Today the company is managed by his sons Ettore and Andrea, who carry on the family business. All lighting is produced in Italy in the plants near Milan in Arluno and is all handmade.

Several lamps are displayed in some of the most famous Museums of Modern Art and Design, such as the Musée d’Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Brooklyn Museum and the Judd Foundation in New YorkDie Neue Sammlung in Munich and The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Designers that worked for the company are amongst others: Walter MoniciTommaso Cimini, Emanuele Rici, Yaacov Kaufman, Francesco Brambilla, Ettore Cimini, Giuseppe Linardi, Foster+Partners, Luciano Balestrini, Paola Longhi.

Lumina Zelig Desk Lamp – Floor Lamp Version

Lumina Zelig Desk Lamp - Floor Lamp Version