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BMF Fontänenleuchte Fiber Optic Table Lamp

Materials: Chromed metal (iron). Black leather or leatherette glued on a galvanised iron folded cylinder. Some plastic and metal parts. Transformer 220 to 6 volt. Electric motor. Coloured and clear glass parts. Glass fiber. Porcelain halogen socket. 

Total Height: 40 cm / 15.74”

Width: 35 cm / 13.77”

Height Base: 19 cm / 7.48”

Base: ∅ 12,5 cm / 4.92”

Glass Fibers: 30 cm / 11.81”

Electricity:  1 halogen bulb dichroic mirror 40 watt, 6 volt. US bulbs are 3 volt, they use the same transformer.  

Period: 1970s.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: Bayerische Metallwarenfabrik Nürnberg, Germany.

Other Versions: The BMF Fontänenleuchte fiber optic table lamp was made in many variations. This lamp is model 0101-4. It is a small lamp. The aluminium fiber holder is 10 mm / 0.039”, most are 17 mm/ 0.066” wide. Some fiber optic lamps made by BMF have names such as the Globe-Shopper.

Bayerische Metallwarenfabrik Nürnberg

On April 2, 1902, the two friends Hans Wagner and Willy Gundel founded the Bayerische Metallwarenfabrik GmbH Nürnberg, BMF. The company produced “luxury and everyday items” and for decades it was one of the leading companies in the metalworking industry in Nuremberg. BMF ended business in the 1980s.

For many vintage design enthusiasts the company is best known for their modular candle holders designed by Ceasar Stoffi and Fritz Nagel.


To commemorate the work of the company the BMF Museum was built in the three rooms of the former company building for the 101st anniversary.

On more than 250 square meters, the history of the BMF is documented. Product designs, company catalogues and numerous historical products are reminiscent of the importance of the Bayerische Metallwarenfabrik. Based on product examples from more than 100 years, the development of taste, design and table culture of the past century is documented.

BMF fontänenleuchte glass fiber optic table lamp model 0101-4 Bayerische Metallwarenfabrik Nürnberg 1970s

BMF-N Logo Bayerische Metallwarenfabrik Nürnberg Germany