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Stainless Steel Table Lamp

Materials: Polished stainless steel curved, cut and folded slats. 4 chrome feet. Ornamental chrome nut on top. 4 Bakelite E14 sockets.

Total height: 40,5 cm / 15.94”

Width: ∅ 30,5 cm / 12”

Base: 13,5 x 13,5 cm / 5.31 x 5.31”

Electricity: 4 x E14 bulbs, 4 x 60 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulbs can be used, but preferably small round ones.

Period: 1960s, 1970s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: To be appraised. An Italian company.

Other versions: Sightly different versions and a floor lamp.

Spotted on the web as an Italian table lamp with a label “Acciaio Inox” (made of stainless steel in Italian) on it. Unfortunately without a picture of the label or a name of the maker.


It is possible that this table lamp was produced by the Italian company Tappital S.N.C. They made several lamps in this style. The company is long gone. It was located in Alessandria, in the Piedmont region in the north of Italy, about 90 kilometres (56 mi) from Turin. S.N.C.: Società in Nome Collettivo, General partnership.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel or Inox is an alloy of iron, chrome and carbon.

Sometimes described as a lamp by Maison Charles, but it is not. An email from the Charles Paris company confirmed that it is not a lamp by them. However, Maison Charles produced and produces several lamps in stainless steel. A nice example with some similarities is the Ruban table lamp, designed by Jacques Charles.

Often described as a lamp made by Reggiani. Reggiani made many lamps in stainless steel.

Several times described as a lamp designed and made by François Monnet for Uginox. Uginox is the company of Editions Monnet F. & B., in the 1970s it became Kappa. Designers that worked for Uginox/Kappa were, among others Joelle Ferlande, Maria Pergay, Patrice Maffei and François Monnet. Uginox is famous for their stainless steel furniture and lighting.

Sometimes described as a lamp made by French artist Max Sauze. Max Sauze produced and produces metal lamps, but all made in aluminium, sometimes in brass or copper.

Sciolari also produced many lamps with chrome and stainless steel, but mostly in combination with other metals such as brass. It was one of the trademarks of Gaetano Sciolari.

Stainless steel lamps in this style were among others designed and made by Robert Sonneman (a very similar one) and Curtis Jere (USA), Louis Durot (France), Henri Mathieu (France), Gallery Oxar (France), Michel Boyer (France), Jacques Quinet (France), Françoise Sée (France), Reggiani (Italy). Lumenform (Italy), Gaetano Missaglia (Italy). Edera Radici designed for Sagim (Italy), Polam (Poland). Stilnovo (Italy) produced the Spinnaker lamp designed by Corsini and Wiskemann in 1968.