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Huangslite Toucan Desk Lamp

Materials: Bird made in green, white, black and yellow plastic. Round green base with a black built-in switch. Foldable elongated yellow lampshade. Porcelain PL socket.

Height: 35 cm / 13.77”

Length: 36 cm / 14.17”

Width: 13 cm / 5.11”

Electricity: 1 bulb PL 11, 1 x 11 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Not any type of light bulb can be used. It has to be a PL lamp. Lower wattage is possible.

Period: 1990s – 2000s.

Designer: Huo-Tu Huang.

Manufacturer: Huangslite Industrial Co., Ltd. 9, Lane 379, Chung Hua Rd., New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Other versions: The Huangslite toucan desk lamp was also made in a smaller version (29 cm / 11.41 high) with a PL 9 bulb. Also made with a reversed base. First editions have a round push switch. Photos below. Produced in many colours.

The smaller version was sold as a reading/bedside lamp, but a fluorescence light is not a good idea for the bedroom.

Also a crocodile and an elephant were made in the same style. As you can see from the drawing below, it makes sense that they didn’t have such a success.


Most people call it a toucan desk lamp, but 1 company sold it as a pelican lamp. It is also more a pelican than a toucan. The “real” vintage toucan table lamp was made by Old Timer Ferrari from Italy. You can find it over here. (Some people say it was based on this design, but that is crazy) The Huangslite company named it “desk lamp”.

It is always said that these toucan/pelican desk lamps are vintage lamps from the 1980s, but they are not. The lamp was filed for patent in the USA in 1998. In the UK it was registered in 1999.

These lamps were produced for many companies until +- 2006. Sold by, among others: Shaoxing Aonuo Electric, Slight, CK Germany, Starlight, Ring Lighting Leeds, Waltrend Lighting, TCP, Lenoir, Fantasia Verlichting and many others. They were the biggest success ever for the Huangslite company. This lamp was sold by Lenoir.


The Huangslite Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in the beginning of 1981. They produce mainly lighting. Huangslite Industrial Co., Ltd. is the English alias for Junyi Industrial Co., Ltd. The company is located in Taiwan. They also have an address in Hong Kong for the Chinese market. The company is still active and produces many different lamps, mostly desk lamps. Huangslite or Junyi has no website.

Smaller Pelican Table Lamp
US Patent 1999

Huangslite toucan desk lamp design: Huo-Tu Huang yellow green plastic pelican bird Taiwan 1990s box

Huangslite Toucan Desk Lamp - Patent

Version with a push button
Reversed base version

Huangslite toucan desk lamp design: Huo-Tu Huang yellow green plastic pelican bird Taiwan 1990s 2000s

Huangslite toucan desk lamp design: Huo-Tu Huang yellow green plastic pelican bird Taiwan reversed version

Huangslite Crocodile Desk Lamp 
Huangslite Elephant Desk Lamp

Huangslite Crocodile Desk Lamp - Scheme

Huangslite Elephant Desk Lamp - Scheme