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Oy Lival Ab 1960s Lighting Catalogue

Oy Lival Ab 1960s Lighting Catalogue

This catalogue is a compilation of flyers/clips.

Oy Lival Ab 

Oy Lival Ab is a Finnish lighting company. It was founded by Harald Lindström in 1945 under the name of Lindströmin Valaisin (Lindström’s lighting), which was later shortened to Lival.

Lival specializes in lighting for homes and shops. The CEO and owner of the company is Stig Lival-Lindström, son of Harald Lindström. Lival is one of the most productive companies of the country.

Oy Lival Ab is the owner of Nordic Aluminium Oy. Lival’s net sales in 2012 were EUR 59 million and the number of employees was 28. The corresponding figures for Nordic Aluminum, which is larger than its parent company, were 64 million and 103 employees.

Many thanks to Cyril for the catalogue.