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Orno 1930s Lighting Catalogue

Orno 1930s Lighting Catalogue

There is no date in this catalogue, but it is clearly from the period 1920 – 1940.

Orno – Stockmann-Orno A.B.

Stockmann-Orno A.B. was a major lighting factory, founded in 1921 in Helsinki, Finland. In 1936, Stockmann became the owner of Orno an the company moved to Kerava in 1937.

Before and during World War II the luminaires were designed by Bertel Lindholm, Gunilla Jung-Pircklén and Gunnel Nyman. From the late 40’s to the 60’s, Orno’s main lighting designers were Lisa Johansson-Pape and Yki Nummi.

At the turn of the 50’s and 60’s came Heikki Turunen and Svea Winkler working for the company. In the mid-60’s, Japanese lighting designer Motoko Ishii, who had become known since then, practiced at Orno. She became famous for the lighting she designed for the German company Staff & Schwarz Leuchtenwerke GMBH. Also Tapio Wirkkala designed lamps for the company.

Stockmann sold Orno in the mid-80’s to Asea, a Swedish company, from which Orno became the owner of Thorn-Em, England. The name changed in Thorn-Orno. The factory closed its business in 2001, but Thorn still exists. Thorn is now part of the German Zumtobel Group.

Some Orno lighting is currently manufactured by at least Keraplast Oy and Innojok Oy.

Many thanks to Cyril for the catalogue.