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Amber Bubble Glass Pendant Light

Materials: Brass, copper. Amber coloured bubble glass (pulegoso). Brass and porcelain socket.

Rod Length: 80 cm / 31.49’’

Height: 23 cm / 9.05”

Width: 22 cm / 8.66”

Electricity: 1 bulb E27, 1 x 100 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, but a white, opaque or frosted one is preferred; it gives the best result with this type of lamp.

Period: This type of pendant light was already created in the 1920s, or even a bit more early. You could call it an Art Deco/Bauhaus lamp. This one is presumably made in the 1960s when the amber colour had a revival in lighting.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: To be appraised.


Pulegoso: Italian word taken from the dialect word pulega, which means bubble. The glass is containing numerous bubbles of all sizes, produced by adding bicarbonate/soda, gasoline, or other substances to the glass. The bubbles make the glass semi-opaque and give the surface an irregular texture. The technique was developed in the 1920s by Napoleone Martinuzzi (1892-1977) on the island of Murano, Italy and used for the first time by the famous Venini company.


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