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Sea Shell Souvenir Light 


Condition: In good condition.

Materials: a queen conch placed on a cone top shell.

Total Height: 100 cm – 39.37”

Height: 23 cm – 9.05”

Width: 45 cm – 17.71”

Electricity: 1 light bulb E14 – 1 x 60 watt – 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, but the smaller the better.

Period: 1950s – 1960s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: To be appraised, these lamps are all handmade.

Manufacturer: To be appraised. Many of them have their origin in the Caribbean, because the queen conch lobatus gigas – is edible and lives among others in that area. Conch meat has been consumed for centuries and has traditionally been an important part of the diet in many islands in the West Indies and Southern Florida.

The queen conch is glued on a cone top shell, a member of the trochidae family – to be determined. Probably a species that lives in the same region.

The electric parts of this light are European and are the same as frequently used in other souvenir lamps such as the lights from Vallauris, France, also shown here on Vintageinfo. So probably the shells were imported in Europe to make those lamps. These lights were sold in many souvenir shops on the coasts of Europe since the end of the second world war, and probably sold around the globe.

Electric parts

Shell Souvenir Light