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Van Haute Orange Pendant Lamp

Materials: Orange painted metal (aluminium) disc lampshade with perforated elongated slots. Conical orange painted tube on top. Orange metal rod. Orange aluminium canopy. Some metal parts.

Height: 64 cm / 25.19”

Width: ∅ 52 cm / 20.47”

Electricity: 1 circular fluorescent tube, 220 volt.
Any type of circular fluorescent tube can be used, not a specific one preferred.

Period: 1960s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: Van Haute, Molenbeekstraat 79, Brussels, Belgium.

Other versions: This Van Haute orange pendant lamp exists in several colours.

Often attributed to Louis Kalff and made by Philips. Even when the VH logo is present on these lamps, which in many cases is. But those are false assumptions. Louis Kalff never designed lamps for Van Haute. The best you can say is that this lamp is in the style of some lamps by Louis Kalff. The perforated slits are reminiscent of a design by his hand, hence the confusion. But many companies made lamps with perforations. It is probably not a Louis Kalff idea.

Van Haute

VH or Van Haute is a lighting company from BrusselsBelgiumVan Haute had a factories in Brussels and in Aalst, some 25 km / 15 mi from each other. The company no longer exists. It probably ended business in the 70s. The old building of the company in Aalst still remains.

In the 1950s Van Haute mainly produced lighting with fluorescence tubes, as you can see in the 1954 publicity.

The company produced many lamps in the style of others, you can find several examples on the Vintageinfo website.

Van Haute 1954 publicity

As you can see, all these lamps are equipped with the typical Van Haute canopy.

VH - Van Haute Brussels Publicity