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Tre Ci Luce Vega Wall Lamp

Materials: 2 silver painted aluminium discs. 1 big disc, one small disc. Black painted metal rods and parts (iron and brass). Some plastic and metal parts. Porcelain socket.

Height: 17 cm / 6.69”

Width: ∅ 42 cm / 16.53”

Electricity: 1 halogen double ended light bulb R7S – J Type T3. 1 x  300 watt maximum. 110/220 volt.

Period: 1980s, 1990s.

Designers: Luciano Cesaro & Fabio Amico in 1985.

Manufacturer: Tre Ci Luce S.r.l. Corso Europa, 8 20020 Cesate (MI) Italy

Other versions: The Tre Ci Luce Vega wall lamp was made in several colours over the years, all with a ‘metal’ look. This lamp is model 3365/42, as labelled. 4 other sizes were made. 26, 33, 42 and 50 cm (10.23”, 12.99”, 16.53”, 19.68”) diameter. This lamp is often used as a flush mount. Versions with a G24D3 light bulb were also made. 

These lamps were copied by the German company N Licht. Made with a gold coloured front disc and with 1 rod instead of 2. The company no longer exists.

Luciano Cesaro & Fabio Amico

Luciano Cesaro is an Italian designer. He designed almost the complete collection of Tre Ci/Luce lamps in the 90s. Among others, the AirelAlienSliceSkyline, Solaris, Vega and Nube. No information te be found about Fabio Amico. Together with Luciano Cesaro he designed the Vega and the Skyline lamps for Tre Ci/Luce.

Tre Ci/Luce

Tre Ci/Luce, literally translated as three there light, was established in the early seventies (1973) to produce lighting designs for domestic interiors with an emphasis on the search for style as a mix between form and innovative technical functions, creating products with an immediate visual impact that are pleasant additions to any atmosphere. 

“High-quality looks, state-of-the-art materials and a careful study of both light sources and energy efficiency ensure that the essence of light is maximally controlled and exploited.” 

“Custom made thanks to its own competence, skills and flexibility, Tre Ci/Luce manufactures special products on a daily basis, mainly on indication of specifiers. The changes can have different levels of complexity: from specific finishes, as particular RAL colours, to a change of the wattage’s of the light sources; from the addition of emergency units to the development of products with different types of installation, up to real and proper custom-made fixtures, studied and developed in order to find the best solution to meet the needs of the specifier.”

As told on their, now disappeared ( website.

The Tre Ci/Luce company was declared bankrupt on October 1, 2015.


Designers that worked for Tre Ci/Luce are Paolo BistacchiDavide MaggioneLorenzo StanoPierangelo MaruccoFerrara Palladino, Fabio AmicoLuciano Cesaro, the Belgian designers Serge and Robert Cornelissen, and many others. CS&R was the internal design team of the company.

Tre Ci Luce Vega Wall Lamp - 1985 Design: Luciano Cesaro & Fabio Amico - Catalogue Picture