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Reggiani Floor or Table Lamp

Materials: 2 Frosted opal pressed glass shells. Galvanised iron mechanism. Brass and porcelain sockets.

Height: 28 cm / 11.02”

Width: ∅ 30 cm / 11.81”

Electricity: 2 bulbs E27, 2 x 75 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, but a white or frosted one is preferred.

Period: 1950s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: Goffredo Reggiani (1929 – 2004) – attributed.

Manufacturer: Reggiani Spa Illuminazione,  Sovico, Milan, Rome, Italy – attributed.

Other versions: It is unknown if this Reggiani table or floor lamp exists in some varieties.

Similar table or floor lamps were also produced by Rupert Nikoll from Austria. They have a similar metal mechanism to connect the glass parts.


Goffredo Reggiani founded the company in the Italian town of Monza in 1957 and designed most of the lamps himself. In the beginning Goffredo most often used plywood and sanitised opal glass in his designs as you can see in this triangular example, giving his lights a Scandinavian look. Later in the 1960s and 1970s his interest shifted towards brass and chromed metal.
The Reggiani company still exists.


This lamp is equipped with an Acciarri switch. Acciarri is an Italian family name, mostly found on the east coast of the country. Inside the switch it says Acciarri Italy. Nothing to be found about this company. The model of the switch and the plug suggest that this is a 1950s – early 1960s lamp. Ditto for the electrical parts inside. For many lamps Reggiani used parts of this company.

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The Acciarri name in Italy


Lamps with Acciarri parts

Reggiani lighting

Comparable lamp designed by Paolo Venini, produced by Venini, Murano, Italy in the same period

Paolo Venini Floor or Table Lamp - Venini


Reggiani Floor or Table Lamp - Inside - galvanised iron mechanism

Switch & Plug

Reggiani Floor or Table Lamp - Switch and plug

Acciarri Switch

Acciarri Italy Switch

Acciarri Switch Inside

Acciarri Italy Switch Inside