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Gino Vistosi White and Translucent Discs Chandelier

Materials: 27 Murano crystal glass white/opaque and translucent discs, brass frame, Bakelite sockets.

Chain Length: 80 cm / 31.49’’

Height: 37 cm / 14.56”

Width: 52 cm / 20.47”

Electricity: 8 bulbs E14 and 1 bulb E 27, 9 x 60 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, not a specific one preferred. But a bright bulb gives the most beautiful result.

Period: 1950s, 1960s, 1970s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: Gino Vistosi (1925-1980).

Manufacturer: Vistosi, AV Mazzega and many others.

Other versions: Different sizes and colours, more or less discs, wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps. Other disc chandeliers on this website: Gino Vistosi Disc Chandeliers.

This spectacular hand blown glass disc chandelier is characteristic of Gino’s design vocabulary: simple, geometric shapes. None of these lamps are identical and are all handmade. Today new ones are also produced with old looking frames and sockets: beware!

Despite the fact that Gino Vistosi designed these lamps, all of the lamp producers on the Murano island made these lamps. It was a big hit and they were made for more than 30 years. Few are marked with a label.


Vistosi was created by Guglielmo Vistosi in Murano in 1945 focusing on lighting. After his premature death his sons Gino and Luciano, joined their uncle Oreste in the founding of the Vistosi company.

In 1956 Alessandro Pianon, a Venetian Architect, joined the company. Together with second generation Luciano and Gino Vistosi they gave a swing to the company focusing on innovation and design.

The company has employed some very relevant designers such as Angelo Mangiarotti, Gae Aulenti. Peter Pelzel, Ettore Sottsass Jr., Adalberto Dal Lago. Vico MagistrettiEnrico Tronconi and so on.

In 1989 Giancarlo Moretti, a businessman from Murano with a long experience in the glass sector with Vetrofond and Punto Luce, acquires the prestigious brand, giving birth to Vetreria Vistosi. In the 1990s the factory closed for a couple of years. It was reopened by Matteo Moretti, Giancarlo’s son, who relaunched the Vistosi brand. During the same period Vistosi acquired the brands AloxG2 and Triade. Today, the company still produces the most beautiful lamps, some of them old classics.

The sole survivor of the original founders, Lucianoborn 24 February 1930, dedicated himself to research and glass sculpture until his death (in Venice) on 14 Mai 2010.

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Mazzega 1946
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AV Mazzega – – website offline since 2018The Facebook page of AV Mazzega is gone since November 2017. Mazzega 1946 is the new name of the company

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Gino Vistosi Discs Chandelier
Different model, 36 white and translucent discs

Gino Vistosi Discs Chandelier Different model, 36 white and translucent discs