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Crucifix Table Lamp


Materials: Metal nickel-plated base, brass and porcelain socket. Crucifix neon glow light bulb.

Height: 17 cm / 6.69”

Width: ∅ 2,5 cm / 0.98

Base: ∅ 6 cm / 2.36

Electricity: 1 neon glow light bulb E27, 220 volt.

Period: 1930s until now.

Designer: Philip J. Kayatt.

Other versions: Made in several variations, also sold with different bases over the years. Light bulbs were produced for 110 volt and for 220 volt. 

Manufacturers:  These type of light bulbs were made since the 1930s. They contained low pressure gas, either neon or argon, or a mixture of the two. In the bulb were metal sculptures coated with phosphors. These phosphors fluoresced when excited by glow discharge.

Several companies made light bulbs like this. One of the most famous is Aerolux. It was active from the 1930s until the 1970s. Philip J. Kayatt (1896-1975) was president of the company.

In Japan it was ABCO who made similar lamps. Today ABCO is owned by Westinghouse.

The crucifix bulbs like this one were made by Brillanta and Ormalight.

Crucifix lamps like this were sold in many tourist religious places such as the Vatican in Rome or places of pilgrimage such as Lourdes in France. This lamp was acquired in Rome in the 1960s. 

Today light bulbs like this are also produced in China and are for sale on Chinese websites.

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Crucifix Table Lamp - Artful gas-discharge light bulbs

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