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Chrome Hillebrand 7702 Desk Lamp

Materials: Black painted aluminium almost square base with a counterweight inside. Painted with relief paint. Thin chrome rod, switch and parts. Adjustable rod, it can be turned in every direction. Black painted round aluminium disc lampshade, silver painted inside. Rectangular glass to protect the halogen bulb. Porcelain socket. 

Height: 60 cm / 23.62”

Lampshade: ∅ 24 cm / 9.44”

Base: 22 x 22 cm / 8.66 x 8.66”

Electricity: 1 bulb halogen R7s, 1 x 100 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.

Period: 1990s.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: Hillebrand-Leuchten, Neheim-Hüsten, Germany.

Other versions: This chrome Hillebrand 7702 desk lamp was also made in brass. It is model 7702-111. It was probably also made in several colours. This Hillebrand 7702 desk lamp is model 7002-171.

Several table lamps and desk lamps from Hillebrand have won iF-design awards; 10 awards in total since the 1950s.

This lamp is not really a Hillebrand lamp, but an Italian lamp. In the last years of the company Mrs Hillebrand bought Italian lamps and sold them with a Hillebrand label. This lamp is not in a catalogue of the company.


Egon Hillebrand Leuchtenfabrik, Neheim-Hüsten was founded on may 15, 1881 by plumbing and fitter master Egon Hillebrand as a producer of nickel silver lids for beer pitchers, established household appliances, kerosene lamps and storm and carriage lanterns.

With the arrival of the son Franz, the operation was switched to the turn of the century in the manufacture of electrical lighting fittings and office furniture. 
Around 1955, the collection was a representative, quality Rustic line “lights for restaurants and farmers bars“. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1995.

Designers that worked for Hillebrand 

Dr Heinz Georg Pfaender (1928-2015): in 1961 he designed the Oslo table lamp and in 1963 the Bornholm desk lamp. Two design-icons of the Hillebrand company.

Ernest Igl (1920-2001) designed several lights for Hillebrand in the 1950s.

Odo Klose designed a floor lamp (model 5225).

Martin Bormann designed “traditional lamps” from 1933 until 1973.

Heinz Stahl designed the majority of well know lamps for the company. He designed lamps from 1968 until 1988.