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Quattrifolio Flat Table Lamp

Materials: Flat round sandwich panel base (Dibond: aluminium & polyethylene). Transformer with a black plastic casing. Adjustable sandwich panel slats. Round black lampshade. aluminium reflector. Porcelain socket.

Max Height: 105 cm / 41.33” – adjustable

Max Width: 92 cm / 36.22” – adjustable

Base: ∅ 20 cm / 7.87”

Electricity: 1 halogen bulb G4, 1 x 60 watt maximum,12 volt, 220 volt. Any type of halogen bulb can be used, not a specific one preferred. 

Period: 1990s.

Designers: Ewald Winkelbauer in 1995.

Manufacturer: Quattrifolio 1964 s.r.l., Via Emilia, 18, 20089 Rozzano, Milan, Italy. Before it was named Quattrifolio s.r.l. 

Other versions: The Quattrifolio Flat table lamp exists only in 1 version. It is equipped with a touch dimmer.

The Quattrifolio Flat table lamp received the iF product design award 1995, Discipline Product.

Ewald Winkelbauer

Ewald Winkelbauer was born 6 January 1951 in Untergrafendor, Germany. He studied from 1974 until 1979 at the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung (University of Applied Sciences for Design) in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

From 1980 until 1990 Ewald Winkelbauer worked for designstudio Engel. Since 1990 he is an independent designer and founded his office Winkelbauer-Design.

His most famous design is the redesign of the Stabilo Boss marker. Everybody knows it, almost everybody has it. It received an iF Design Award in 2002. He designed several other products for Stabilo.

Ewald Winkelbauer designed the Alume desk lamp in 1988 for Tronconi. The Kyma desk lamp for Sompex in 1998. The Huhu ghost table lamp in 2010 for Moree.


Quattrifolio was founded in 1964 and still exists today (2019). Unfortunately the website was last updated in 2007 and is made in Flash. 

Translated text from their website:

Quattrifolio was born in 1964, while the wave of Italian design was in full development during those years. The intention to produce well-made objects, as well as a sophisticated design, has enabled us to contribute to the growth not only of the company but also of the entire design scene in Italy. Over the years the company maintained the original concepts of the founding members. At the same time, the current management team is popular and has been working in the lighting and design sector for decades and giving life to Quattrifolio 1964 s.r.l.

The specific experience of the working group forms the basis for production in terms of quality, technology and design. The innovations of the productive activity in each sector, indispensable elements for dialogue on an international market. Together with them, it is our intention to give our discussion partners everything that is best in service, technical assistance and service, constantly talking to them, both with men and with current technologies.


Dibond is a commercial name. It is a three-layer sandwich panel. The material consists of two aluminium outer layers with a polyethylene core layer in between.

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