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Liro UFO Pendant Lamp

Materials: Red plastic. Clear embossed plastic (acrylic) diffuser below. Chromed metal (iron) tube on top. Many clear plastic stars or flowers on the side on a chrome ring. White painted metal inside. Chrome round lid in the middle. Some metal parts. White painted metal choke ballast. Lamp starter. Porcelain socket.

Cord: 80 cm / 31.49”

Height: 15 cm / 5.90”

Width: ∅ 55 cm / 21.65”

Electricity: 40 Watt Circular Fluorescent Light Bulb, 220 volt.
Used for this setup: 3000K Warm White.

Period: 1960s, 1970s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: Liro Lighting, Aalst, Belgium.

Other versions: The Liro UFO pendant lamp was at least also made in green and probably some other colours. These type of pendant lamps were made in many variations and sizes. These lamps were often equipped with a rise & fall mechanism.


Liro Lighting BVBA was a company owned by the Lenssens family. It was located at the Gentse Steenweg 150-152, in the city of Aalst, Belgium. They produced many chandeliers and pendant lamps in this style as you can see below. Liro Lighting ended business in 2007.

These type of pendant lamps were usually used in the kitchen and suspended over the dining table.

The Liro factory and shop at the Gentsesteenweg 128. Photo André Schollaert, 1979. These 2 photos are taken from the

Lustrerie Liro Aalst - Gentsesteenweg 128

The Liro showroom and seat at the Gentsesteenweg 150-152. Photo André Schollaert, 1979.

Lustrerie Liro Aalst - Gentsesteenweg 150-152