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Lilux 1965 Lighting Catalogue

Lilux 1965 Lighting Catalogue

The Swedish company Lilux Belysning AB was founded in 1962 by Bo Annell. Bo was the son of Axel Annell, who owned the Axel Annell AB Rationell Belysning company since 1932. Axel’s company develops and manufactures the first luminaires in Sweden for the new “fluorescent tubes”.

Bo started to work for his fathers company at the age of 23.

In 1956 Axel Annell AB  becomes distributor of the German lighting factory Staff & Schwarz Leuchtenwerke GMBH. In the same year Bo Annell’s eldest son Staffan was born. Danish designer Poul Henningsen gives a newly designed PH5 pendant lamp as a present.

In 1962 Bo Annell leaves Axel Annell AB and starts his own company Lilux Belysning AB. He becomes distributor for Finnish Stockmann-Orno, German Peill + Putzler and Staff and the Italian Vistosi company.

Lilux Belysning AB transfers the business and brand to Hans Agne Jakobsson AB, Markaryd in 1977. Annell Ljus + Form AB will be the new company name for Lilux and a new business will be started by Bo Annell with his sons Staffan and Tomas as partners in 1979.

The Annell company still exists, the complete history of the company can be found on their website.

Many thanks to Cyril for the catalogue.