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Klaus Link Wall Lamp

Materials: Rectangular metal (iron) wall mount. White painted metal reflector. Silver painted metal crossed design lampshade. Several white painted metal parts. 4 metal sockets. Pull cord switch.

Height: 23 cm / 9.05”

Width: 46 cm / 18.11”

Depth: 11 cm / 4.33”

Electricity: 2 bulbs E27, 2 x 75 watt maximum, 2 bulbs E14, 2 x 40 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, not a specific one preferred.

Period: 1960s, 1970s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designer: Klaus Link (1937 – 2023).

Manufacturer: Heinz Neuhaus Leuchten, Neheim-Hüsten, Germany.

Other versions: This Klaus Link wall lamp als exists with a black lampshade. Probably also made in other colours.

This wall lamp is often attributed to German designer Rolf Krüger, but is not. Rolf Krüger designed the Cross Oyster wall lamp for Staff Leuchten. It is reminiscent of this one, hence the confusion. You can find the Cross Oyster wall lamp over here.

Klaus Link

Klaus Hartmut Link was born September 25th, 1937 in Hanover, Germany.
After graduating from the Werkkunstschule in Hanover, he first worked for the BELMAG company in Switzerland for a few years. Then from around 1965 to 1971 in Neheim-Hüsten in Germany for the Neuhaus-Leuchten company.
From then until he retired in 2002, he worked at Hoffmeister-Leuchten in Lüdenscheid.

Together with his wife, whom he met at the art school, he also made design drafts part-time, including the “LX Series” light switch from Busch Jäger Elektro, which he, unaware of the later success, for much too small money designed as a subcontractor for another designer.

Klaus Hartmut Link passed away on January 26th, 2023 in Luedenscheid.


The Heinz Neuhaus Beleuchtungskörperfabrik (Lighting fixture factory) company was founded in 1955 in Neheim-Hüsten, the lighting capital of Germany. The company received 4 iF Design Awards, all for designs by Rolf Krüger. You can find them over here on their website. Other designers that work for Heinz Neuhaus are, among others Wilhelm Wagenfeld and of course Klaus Link. The company no longer exists.

Paul Neuhaus

Also a Paul Neuhaus company exists, it was founded in 1962. Paul Neuhaus still produces lighting. Today it is named Neuhaus Lighting Group and they own the brands Paul NeuhausLeuchtenDirekt and Q. The company is located in Wern, Germany. The company also produces several lamps under the name Peill + Putzler. It are re-editions of lamps by this famous lighting company that no longer exists.