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Flag Table Lamp

Materials: Travertine (limestone) base. Round red painted metal (iron)  plate. Metal (iron) rod/pole, painted white. White and red acrylic flag. 2 aluminium rivets. White painted Bakelite socket.

Height: 66 cm / 25.98”

Width: 25 cm / 9.84”

Base: ∅ 17 cm / 6.69”

Electricity: 1 bulb E14, 1 x 60 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb can be used, not a specific one preferred. For this setup a frosted bulb was used. 

Period: 1970s, 1980s – Mid-Century Modern.

Designers: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: To be appraised.

Other versions: It is unknown if this flag table lamp has some variations. Maybe other flags were made. It is possible that this lamp is a unique piece and made to order for celebrating a retirement, for example.

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VLM Components

All the electric parts were produced by VLM Components from Buccinasco, near Milan in Italy. These parts were made in the late 70’s, early 80’s. The lamp was also acquired in Italy. In all probability it is an Italian table lamp.

The flag is red, white, red. Flags in this pattern are used as diving flags. Also the flag of Peru is made like this.

Travertine, a form of limestone can be found in several places in Europe. In Italy it’s located in the heart of the Province of Siena, in the quaint little village of Rapolano Terme, and it is in this area that you will find a large source of travertine stone.

Flag table lamp round travertine base red/white acrylic flag metal rod 1970s MCM Mid-Century Modern