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Pieter Klick Table Lamp

Materials: White rectangular plastic base with a built-in switch. White ribbed acrylic tubular lampshade. Rubber girl doll in white and orange with bows in the white hair. Bakelite E14 socket.

Height: 17 cm / 6.69”

Base: 14,5 x 8 cm / 5.70 x 3.14”

Electricity: 1 bulb E14, 1 x 40 watt maximum, 110/220 volt.
Any type of light bulb with an E14 socket can be used. But the smaller the better. For this setup a refrigerator light bulb was used.

Period: 1960s, 1970s.

Designer: To be appraised.

Manufacturer: Pieter Klick, Parabel-Electric, Germany.

Other versions: This Pieter Klick table lamp was made in many versions. Many different dolls were designed: a cowboy, a native American, a wizard, a witch, a girl with a clack, a dog with a hat, a girl with a dress and a hat, a boy with an overall. Asterix, Obelix, Getafix, and many others. These lamps also exists with a red base.

As you can see below, slight differences in size of the lampshade. Versions of the 60s have a different, more angular base. 1970s lamps, such as these two, have a more rounded base.

Some lamps have a label on the bottom of Parabel-Electric/Pieter Klick. All lamps with this base have “Pieter Klick ® Made in Western Germany” pressed in the plastic bottom. On top of the base is the Pieter Klick logo. It is some Peter Pan figure.

Pieter Klick

Unfortunately, no information can be found about the company. Also, the trademark is not registered anymore, only the lights remain. 

One of these lamps have the label attached to it of a shop in Mechelen, Belgium where this lamp was bought at the time. “Lustrerie de Merode, De Merodestraat 15, Mechelen”. The lamp shop has ended business in 2001. Today (2018) an art gallery is located on the same address. The vintage facade of the store has remained the same.

Also the German company Neckermann sold these lamps. They appear in a catalogue of 1971. At that time Neckermann was only a mail order company.

Pieter Klick table lamp girl doll Parabel-Electric children Germany 1960s 1970s MCM plastic rubber

Parabel-Electric Pieter Klick Table Lamp - Label

Parabel-Electric Pieter Klick Table Lamp - Label Lustrerie De Merode, Mechelen, Belgium

Parabel-Electric Pieter Klick Table Lamp - Label

Parabel-Electric Pieter Klick Table Lamp - Label on top